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1. Foot Orthoses or "orthotics" are by definition customized in-shoe devices, shaped to match the contours of the sole of your foot, that are used to treat and prevent injuries, pain or disability through the optimization of lower extremity function.
2. The foot is the most abused part of the body. It is also the only part of the body that has constant contact with foreign objects all throughout the day, regardless of whether you sit, stand, walk, or run. Wearing an orthotic or an insole is one of the few protective measures that you can take to help your feet.
3. The answer to that question is both yes and no. You can purchase the WalkBeyond orthotics directly from the website and complete the molding process in the comfort of your own home. However, your doctor may be a great help in monitoring your progress.
4. WalkBeyond orthotics are covered by most insurances and can be obtained directly from your doctor.
5. WalkBeyond orthotics are the thinnest, functional orthotics available anywhere on the market today; made up of only three materials, they can easily fit into most footwear. The molding process outlines your foot to give it a second layer of protection, and because your heel strikes the floor first when you walk, the deep heel cup in the back of the orthotic keeps the foot in place. Furthermore, if you experience any type of discomfort, the heat moldable design allows for the orthotics to be easily remolded to fit your needs.
6. To support or correct the abnormal or irregular walking pattern. They change the angle at which the foot strikes while walking and therefore assist the limb or the torso to restore the alignment and positioning of the foot. These insoles amend the postural stability by enhancing the afferent somatosensory information available to the central nervous system and provide arch support and pain relief for myriad of foot conditions including flat feet.
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